a. They are the eye of the Platform and therefore should be accorded every respect due to them
b. Do not INSULT, ASSAULT or openly REBUKE them for any reason whatsoever
c. Obey their directives as may be issued from time to time
d. Do not INCITE members against any or all of the Moderators and Admins
e. If you have an issue with any Moderator or Admin, send a pm to Talkmaniadmin


a. Search the forum before creating a post. All duplicate posts would be deleted and any earnings on them would be forfeited
b. Create your posts in the right section. If your post has to be moved, you would lose the pay for it
c. If you have an article but do not know which Board to post to, contact any of the Moderators for advise
d. All posts must meet the basic requirements for a post on Forum
i. Title must be relevant to the content and should not be in all CAPS OR NOT
ii. Single line space between paragraphs
iii. Source link must be clickable
iv. Spelling and grammar mistakes should be corrected and also the appropriate use of punctuation marks
e. All posts on love, celebrity nudity or other bra-less and pant-less pictures should not be made on this forum
g. Do not post FALSE INFORMATION on . Help build our integrity
h. Amins should be allowed to do their jobs and so all mentions of them in posts for the purpose of drawing attention should be stopped
i. Don't spam the forum by advertising in the wrong places or posting the same content many times.
j. If you have any issues contact the support service , not posting that in the forum.
k. Posting topics that is out dated for the period of more than 7days is prohibited and funds will be removed. (Make sure your news update is not more than 7days for political news)
l. double posting of same topic or reply attracts deduction of NGN50 (warning)
m. posting content which suppose to have image without uploading image will deduct your earnings


a. Comments targeted at the topic under discussion are to be encouraged
b. Off topic comments are not welcome
c. Complaints on posts are not welcome
d. Spamming of a post by repeatedly making the same comments shall be penalized
e. Do NOT in any way copy/duplicate or transmit another members comment and paste to earn. Members who indulge themselves copying and duplicating comments, their earnings would be wiped out totally as a warning and Account deactivated if the user continues the act again.
f. Talkmani does not pay for exclamatory comments. Such as hahaha, nice one, wow, congrats, lmao, lol, etc are strictly forbidden and disallowed on Kindly adhere to this rule or you get banned.
g. Do not quote peoples topics without wring a comment we will ban you and all funds removed if you are breaking any rules!
h. Do not copy any content of the post to use as a comment , this act will get yours funds removed and your earnings cleared to 0.00


a. Member to member insult, abuse, war of words, or threat of violence are not welcome and offenders will be penalized
b. Do not use the Platform for illegal and illegitimate activities
c. Respect the privacy of every member
d. Do not try to cheat , hack or deceive the system we will ban you forever and block your ip address and all fund removed.

offenders of these rules would be BANNED for weeks and all funds removed.